The Basics: Agile Content Marketing for Small Businesses

The Google algorithm enjoys and rewards those who publish authoritative, frequent content, but content typically takes time to develop and then it just sits there, hardly being revised, analyzed, and updated.

Agile marketing allows small businesses to work in cycles. Businesses publish content quickly using a strategic spreadsheet to rework and revisit based on performance measures. It is a cycle of continuous review and revision. Content no longer just sits on your site, not working for you. With Agile marketing, your team has a system in place. Campaigns are launched with speed.

With this method, marketers can get content to consumers quickly and then just as quickly adjust based on user interactions with content and search results.

This can seem hard or daunting to the small business owner, who could be just one person, but with a system in place, it is manageable, efficient, and effective.

This method was first used by software developers who had to improve on the relevance of products being delivered to consumers.

In this post, we will give you a wide overview of the agile content marketing process for small businesses, and describe the importance of it.

How Agile Marketing Differs from Traditional Marketing

Many people think linearly and that is the trajectory traditional marketing methods take, but Agile marketing follows a messier path. Traditional marketing methods follow one step at a time until a project’s conclusion. These methods tend on the more archaic side. Agile marketing promotes flexibility in thinking, responsiveness, and speed. With the internet and constantly changing consumer search and buying habits, marketing strategies must follow suit.

Agile marketing is fast paced, responsive, and driven by analytics.

The Agile Marketing Mindset and the Benefits of Agile Content Marketing

The small business owner is already inundated with every task in the small business. Agile marketing requires some re-examination and reflection on current processes. How do you produce content? Why do you produce content? Who are you producing content for? The Agile mindset is fast and flexible, not rigid and linear.

When thinking about content, think about it this way - each piece of content is the chance to run an experiment. It is a chance to be seen by search engines for as many different keywords as you have content and for your consumers to see the content that they want to see.

With Agile content marketing, you have a chance to run as many different experiments as you have different pieces of content. Isn’t it better to think about it this way?

Scientists constantly revisit their experiments, learn from the data, and tweak. This is how you should approach your content.

The Agile Methodology for Content


Plan your content in advance. Use a spreadsheet to plan your content topics a month in advance, set target keywords, and publish date. For example, in May, plan your June posts and so on. In this way you’re always working a month in advance.


Create authoritative content and set scheduled publish dates on your blog according to the publish date on your spreadsheet.

A pro tip is to have a folder that contains drafts of many blogs that you’re working on.


At the end of each month, analyze the content from that month. Determine for which keywords the content is ranking and if a post of a certain topic is performing very well.


Adjust content for those new keywords. Adjust your content marketing plan for the next month to include extra posts around the topics performing well.

Continue planning, analyzing, adjusting to respond to interests, needs, buying habits.

Agile Content Marketing Paired with a Content Marketing Strategy

The Agile method doesn’t replace your content marketing strategy. You should still plan your content topics ideally a month in advance, however, this provides a framework for freshening old content and continuously responding to user interests and analytics rapidly.

How California Lifestyle Marketing Can Help You

California Lifestyle Marketing offers content writing services to help you kick start or fill in any content marketing gaps. We can also help you get your new Agile content marketing strategy off the ground. Try booking a free strategy session today. You'll even walk away with free actionable advice you can implement same day!

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