How To Search Engine Optimize Your Blog Posts: Tips and Tricks You Can Implement TODAY!

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

We see it all the time. You're writing content but it's not getting you anywhere on Google. Don't stop writing! You're doing exactly what you should be doing.

In this quick video, we present some quick and easy tips on how to search engine optimize your blog posts as a complete beginner. This video is perfect for those who have a lot of content but maybe you didn't have a plan in place previously.

Not up for the video? Keep on scrolling past for a list of the tips, and some bonus thoughts!

This video focuses on Wix, but these tips can be applied to many website builders, including WordPress.

Here is a rundown of the tips presented in the video

1- Think about the longtail keyword that you will focus on for the blog post. This means you will have your topic and ideas for your post fleshed out in advance of sitting down to write. Some places to start with this can be as simple as doing a Google search. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and take a peek at the suggested search terms as well.

We love this method because it doesn't use any fancy tools. You have everything right at your disposal. Using this exact method is how we were able to achieve page 1/position 1 results for a client in her niche.

2- Include your keyword in the title of your post

3- Include your keyword in the text in a natural fashion. Remember not to keyword stuff when writing blog content. It's important to use it but use it in a way that flows naturally. If you write well and write authoritatively using these tips, you will rank.

4- When inserting an image use the naming convention keyword_photo-description.jpg

5- Your URL should be your keyword. For old blog posts, don't change the URL or else you will need to set up redirects. For new blog posts moving forward, be sure the URL reflects your keyword and is concise.

6- Ensure your keyword is in the search engine title and meta description. This is arguably one of the most important tips. Be sure to update that website title and meta description to reflect what your content is about and to reflect your keyword.

A pro tip is to start by re-purposing old posts and then move on to new posts. The Google Algorithm loves refreshed content!

If you are ready to dig deeper into content marketing, you might want to check out the post on creating an agile content marketing strategy!


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