Strategy Session with Malia Designs

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The Need

The Malia Designs team came to us at the beginning of the COVID-19 quarantine period needing a way to quickly shift from a wholesale based business to a direct to consumer business. They needed to be able to expand brand awareness quickly and efficiently since they are a small team.

The Plan

Ahead of the meeting, we took a deep dive into Malia Designs and determined key priority items. Additionally, the Malia Designs team answered a few questions about goals and marketing efforts and sent us the answers in advance.

The Meeting and The Digital Marketing Strategy

At the meeting, we talked to Malia Designs more about the questions they answered ahead of time, we went over an SEO report, and prioritized next steps for them, including:

1- Create a Pinterest business page and pin products and blog posts.

2- Create an Etsy account to share products through a different channel.

3- Turn some of the website content into blog posts and create a blog. Highlight artisans on the blog so people can build a connection with your brand and story.

4- Create a newsletter for customers.

5- Decide on your target keywords and add more text on the homepage targeting these keywords.

We also dove in to specifics on how to do certain things, and gave tips for apps and other tools to use to streamline processes.


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