Top 5 Reasons to Book a Free Digital Marketing Strategy Session with California Lifestyle Marketing

Wondering why you should book a free small business digital marketing strategy session with California Lifestyle Marketing? First of all you have nothing to lose, but second of all, you will walk away with actionable, prioritized tips and strategies you can implement that very same day. We love marketing and we love the small business owner. We ARE a small business after all and we understand your needs and priorities.

All of our strategy sessions are live via Zoom with zero sales pitch.

Here are our top 5 reasons you should book with us today:

1- Receive an outsider's perspective of your digital marketing and website. Sometimes it just takes that extra different pair of eyes looking everything over! Benefit from our experience working with other small businesses, just like yours!

2- Get stats on your site you didn’t know existed. We’ll take a look at things like backlinks, bounce rate, and give your site an SEO score.

They took the time to do some background research into my business prior to our meeting and had notes ready to share with me and implement easily.”

3- Hone in on your top goals for your small business. Let us help you establish or better articulate a tangible goal for your digital marketing strategy.

4- You will have a priority list of next steps. Not only will you have a big goal but you’ll have a list of tangible next steps you can do that day.

“... they PRIORITIZED what steps I should take which really helped me focus my next steps”

5- You will be all fired up and reinvigorated to drive your marketing goals ahead.

After just a short meeting with them I was fired up to push through a few boundaries I had been dealing with and bring my brand's vision fully to life.”

You’ve got nothing to lose so click here to book now! Still unsure? Read more strategy session briefs!


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