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Work from Home Essentials

Still working from home these days?

By now, we've moved past the desk phase and are finding different nooks to work from to mix things up, stocking up on our favorite day time pajamas, and trying to figure out ways to stay motivated and keep our space zen.

Below are some of our favorite work from home essentials:

Nothing is more embarrassing than when you're on a Zoom call and your internet connection freezes in the middle of your presentation. Up until the other day, this was my biggest issue with working from home. I realized my router was old and the extenders weren't strong enough to reach upstairs, hence constantly moving around the house during meetings trying to get a stable connection (and a non-cluttered looking backdrop!). I did a bunch of research and purchased Amazon's eero WiFi system. I honestly didn't want to spend the money on it but I have to tell you--totally worth it!

In an effort to de-clutter and keep moving towards a paperless system for both home and work, I ended up splurging on a document scanner. I've wanted one for years because I feel like all I ever do is lug boxes of paperwork around every time we move. Between this guy and quarantine, I don't have an excuse to not scan and shred the piles and folders of paper I have.

The CA Lifestyle team is really into reading and podcasts. If you're looking for some good books, join our Female Founders Lifestyle Facebook group where we post books that we are reading every month. July's book of the month is Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. We also love a good podcast--from true crime to healthy living to entrepreneurship. We were recently featured on Good Grow Great's podcast talking all things content marketing. Check it out!

Working from home wouldn't be a complete without trying to get in a workout or meditation of some kind. If we can't make it out for a surf or climb, you can find us in our living rooms doing a yoga class with our favorite teacher, Mary Beth. For added ambience and health benefits, I usually have my diffuser going with my favorite essential oils. Need some meditation in your life? Insight Timer is a great app that focuses on sleep, anxiety, and stress. We could all use some help in those areas!

We'd love to find out what some of your favorite work from home essentials and strategies are. Share them with us in the comments below!

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