What if you had a complete Beginner's Guide to SEO for the online small business owner written in small digestible steps and that removed the barrier to entry and burden of learning yourself?


What if you could focus on producing content that would GUARANTEE you would be seen by search engines instead of floating in space?



to the Beginner's SEO Guidebook

which includes all three of our best selling SEO resources at a discounted price! 

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Many online small business owners know the importance of SEO and want to implement it

but there remains one big problem

There is a high barrier to entry and, with the demands of the typical small business owner, learning on their own is hard and hiring an agency is cost prohibitive for most small businesses owners.

The Problem

They don’t know what the acronyms SEO and SEM actually mean.


They think keyword research is too big of a task.


They think keyword research won’t make an impact on their search rankings.


They don’t know how to use keyword research to optimize their website pages and content.


They think there are too many steps for optimizing content correctly.


Fortunately, we have taken the mystery and stress out of

SEO for you with our

Beginner's SEO Guidebook.

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Become The SEO Champ You Always Knew You Could Be


The Beginner's SEO Guidebook Planning System

Get empowered to take control of your search presence with our:

SEO vs SEM Downloadable

Keyword Research How-to Guide + Template

21 Point On-Page SEO Checklist

Want a Sneak Peak? 

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Meant for the Action-Taker

Just like your small business, you dive in. You are ready to boost your organic search results.

Small Digestible Steps

Time tested small steps written with the busy online small business owner in mind.

Templates and Checklists

Print, laminate, check off, highlight, and edit the included spreadsheet.

You know you love it when we talk dirty (business, that is), you spreadsheet loving, organizer extraordinaire, goal-getter you!

Bonus! Google Search Console

An added bonus "how-to" to ensure your site is listed on Google. Don't miss out!

70% - 80% of people scroll past ads in favor of organic search results.

Did you know?

You can get all of this for only $12

Hey! We're Hilary and Kim


California Lifestyle Marketing is the culmination of many years of labor. Hilary on the design and social media front, and Kim on the SEO and web development front. We created California Lifestyle Marketing to bridge these offerings into a full service digital marketing agency and to help small businesses grow, all while each working full time jobs. 

Our goal is to make digital marketing accessible--to empower the small business owner to take on digital marketing on their own. Which means more money in their pockets. More money to invest in their businesses. More money for vacations, childcare, date nights. More money for self care.


We get it. It's not easy to invest in a digital product. You want to invest in something of quality, something that you can follow, and something that will get you results. While we cannot guarantee you will end up on page 1 of Google, we can tell you that everything we have put out we have tried and used ourselves with many clients. Our products come tested by small businesses just like yours.

You're READY for this if

Deep down you know you CAN do this.

You are passionate about your business and ready for it to be easier.

You are an action-taker.

You are willing to show up for your business.

You believe showing value and trust to your customers is important.

You're NOT ready for this if

Deep down you DON'T think you can do this.

You are skeptical that it won't work.

You are not an action-taker.

You are unwilling to show up for your business.

You don't believe showing value and trust to your customers is important.

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Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally.

It comes from what you

do consistently.

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