California Lifestyle Marketing FREE Digital Marketing Strategy Session Outcomes

This collection of blogs highlights past free digital marketing strategy sessions. We know signing up for something like this can be scary - will they try to sell me on a product the whole time? Will it be awkward? Will this session actually be worth my time?

The goal of these sessions is to give you personalized actionable feedback for your small business. These are not sales pitches, but rather 45 minute sessions geared to you and your business. We answer your questions, we deep dive into your business providing and explaining data, analytics, and numbers, and prioritize what needs to be done next.

What is a digital marketing strategy session?

A digital marketing strategy session is a session to help you clarify digital marketing goals, have questions answered, brainstorm new ideas, and get concrete next steps for your business. It is a 45 minute session meant for you, and you alone. These are personalized video based sessions.

Why are you offering these for free?

At California Lifestyle Marketing, our goal is to help the small business owner and entrepreneur. It is important to us that you have top notch advice, and to help get that advice to you, we are offering these sessions.

What will I get from doing a digital marketing strategy session?

You will definitely walk away with a personalized next step checklist for your business, but we also hope you will walk away with a feeling of empowerment and readiness to keep moving ahead with your small business marketing goals.